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AC Infinity Inc.

AC Infinity Inc. is a technology company based in California, USA that focuses on efficient environmental controls and has established itself as the market leader in the home grow sector in the USA.

Integrated Engineering

We believe in value for money- products should act smarter and do more in order to be worth your time. Since our inception, our design team has closely collaborated with leading figures in the tech world in order to produce better products. To ensure all-round innovation, AC Infinity engineers are drawn from a wide range of disciples: acoustics, electronics, structural, and fluid dynamics.


Quality oriented

As consumers ourselves, we always expect the highest quality from products we buy- and we believe our customers should do the same. From the way a product feels and functions, we can instinctively tell whether something was created with care and effort, or if it was merely thrown off the production line. Our Quality Assurance team is driven to follow that ideology, and ensure that all our products meet the highest possible standards.

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